About Sightrite

Our Vision of Paramount Care

At SightRite, our goal is to ensure optimum visual health, offering the finest level of care. Our professionals specialize in geriatric vision services and utilize the latest in eye-care technology, advanced testing, and superior equipment to provide the best treatment, maintaining a focus on wellness of visual needs.

SightRite was established on a platform of professional expertise, with skilled Doctors of Optometry and trained technicians performing all services. Our medical director, a trained and certified MD, possesses over 25 years of nursing home facility experience and is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the management of all cases, ensuring the maximum level of ministration for all patients.
Servicing all of the tri-state area, SightRite provides a full line of optometric care, from prescription evaluation to eyeglass creation and maintenance. Our handheld, portable equipment ensures rapid diagnosis and support, enabling us to offer advanced emergency treatment. Operating according to strict compliance program standards, SightRite ensures conformation to all regulatory requirements, providing exacting optometric services. Managing all aspects of insurance billing and payment, SightRite offers efficient and professional care, optimizing and promoting paramount visual health.