How We Work

The SightRite Process

At SightRite, our goal is to create an environment of ease for your facility, handling all aspects of visual health and delivering expertise right to your door. The process is simple and easy.

  • Contact Us

    Schedule your patients’ appointments at your convenience.

  • Expert Care

    Our skilled and trained Doctors of Optometry will arrive at your facility with sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

  • Visual Examination

    Residents will be examined, evaluated for eyewear, and provided with any necessary prescriptions for infections or inflammations.

  • Follow-up Procedures

    If any surgical intervention is necessary, SightRite will coordinate with skilled ophthalmologists and retinal specialists to schedule evaluations, managing complete course of treatment.

  • Care Maintenance

    SightRite will continue to care for patients, notifying the facility of upcoming appointments and sending reminders to schedule follow-ups to ensure continued excellence of care.

  • Insurance Management

    SightRite is responsible for all insurance procedures, with no upfront fee required of patients.

  • Glasses Dispensation

    If eyewear is required, SightRite provides patients with attractive framing options. Once a frame is chosen from our wide selection, SightRite manufactures high-quality glasses, customized to customer specifications and needs.