Service Perfection

SightRite provides nursing homes, and assisted living residences and long-term care facilities with premium optometric care for residents and patients, directly onsite at the facility, with portable equipment allowing for bedside care and treatment. We offer comprehensive services, handling the complete management of all eye care related needs, providing convenient, hassle-free vision care.


Visual Health

Professional Evaluation of visual health utilizing sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

Superior Early Detection, Preventive Care and Management of eye diseases and infections, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, inflammatory eye diseases, and dry eye syndrome.

Advanced Treatment and Support, including dilated exams, diabetic evaluations and emergency treatment.


Optometric Care

Thorough Visual Examination to determine necessity of corrective lenses or glasses.

Accurate and Rapid Dispensation of eyewear.

Exceptional Eyeglass Repair and maintenance.


Eye-care Management Services

Innovative Tracking System stamps glasses with unique code, eliminating mix-ups and confusion.

Meticulous Appointment Maintenance provides facilities with appointment reminders and follow-up scheduling.

Precise Surgical Coordination with ophthalmologist.

Skilled Seroquel Management with mandated check-ups, scheduled and implemented according to NY State of Health regulations patient needs.