I just wanted to thank you for the Ophthalmology care our resident's received yesterday. Everyone (residents and staff) were very pleased. As I mentioned yesterday, In the past, by the time our residents boarded the elevator, they were so agitated and frightend and as a results they were very resistant to receive any care. But since we started using your service, it was wonderful especially for our upper floor residents to receive eye care right in their unit.

Joahne Volder Buffalo, NY
Jane N.

“My facility recently began using SightRite for vision services. From the very first contact, it has been such a pleasure dealing with them. They arrive on time, with all the equipment they need, and even bring along a technician so that my staff can continue with their regular responsibilities. The patients are thrilled with the level of care and even those that are bedridden and have difficulty with mobility are able to be examined comfortably. SightRite has earned our continued patronage with their compassionate and helpful services. They promise and they deliver.”

Jane N. Brooklyn NY
Tom H.

“Recently, one of the residents at our assisted living facility contacted the nurses station in a panic. Her eyes were completely swollen and she couldn’t see, a very frightening experience. SightRite was able to see her that very same day, diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment, giving this elderly woman peace of mind, as well as a fast-acting solution. Within a day, the swelling had receded and she was on the mend. SightRite came through for her and enabled us to take care of our residents with rapid, expert services.”

Tom H. Queens NY
Chris M.

“Accidents happen. While dealing with elderly and the ill, accidents happen often. One of our residents took a nasty spill, crushing his glasses in the process. Already feeling dejected and in pain, not being able to see added an additional burden to his healing. SightRite’s professional optometrist evaluated the patient, helped him pick out a new frame, and within a short amount of time, provided him with new glasses. The entire process was so easy and fast and helped put our resident back on his feet, restoring his vision and his confidence.”

Chris M. Long Island NY
Harvey N.

“SightRite has great doctors and services and provides expert care. But what really tops off the whole package is the billing process. SightRite handles it all, without involving patients or the facility. They bill the insurance and collect all payments, enabling the entire experience, from appointment to payment, to be simple and easy. We used to groan when it was time for eye-care appointments, knowing that it translated into more paperwork for us. Now, we are happy when it’s a ‘Sight-Rite’ day! Without any additional burden to the facility, our patients are getting the care they need.”

Harvey N. Brooklyn NY