Why Us?

Eyes on Excellence

SightRite offers a host of unparalleled benefits and advantages, from our skilled and experienced physicians and technicians to our beneficial and efficient services.


Accommodating Services

Portable equipment enables bed-ridden patients to receive exceptional care without any additional movement or pain.


Total Care

Our doctors are assisted by a SightRite personal technician, allowing the facility’s staff to continue on with their traditional responsibilities.


All Insurances, Always

We accept all major insurances, including HMO and long term care and will bill the insurance companies directly, with no up-front fee required of the patient.


Rapid Service

Superior, attractive eyewear is provided quickly and efficiently.


Professional Refraction Process

Residents choose from a wide display of fashionable frames. Frames are then taken to the lab, formulated with the correct prescription, and labeled to minimize confusion and maximize efficiency.